EUginius 1.8

In this new version you can find:

  • an improved Home page with direct links to the methods and reference materials on the left side of the page,

  • a new GMO detailed information page (see for example MON87419),

  • a direct access from the insert of a GMO to the genetic element tree and detailed information by clicking on the element of interest.

This release also contains bug fixes and further improved functionalities.

More News

2021-06-23 New Update, Version 1.9.1 is now live!
2021-02-09 Genetic Elements Thesaurus in open access publication!
2020-04-23 Release 1.8.2 / New GMOs entered
2020-02-24 New GMM detection methods entered
2019-04-24 First genome-edited plants now entered (April 2019)
2018-05-18 New GMOs and detection methods entered
2017-11-30 Release 1.7.5 / New GMOs and detection methods
2017-01-20 New GMOs and detection methods entered
2016-01-22 New GMOs entered
2015-06-14 Release 1.6.2
2014-10-02 Going online
2014-07-14 New Release
2014-06-10 Pilot phase