New GMOs and detection methods entered

In the ongoing process of adding new GMOs, methods, authorisation data etc. into the database we recently added among others:

  • GMOs which focus on direct benefits to the consumer: the non-browning arctic® apples (events GD743, GS784, NF872) e.g. Arctic NF872 and the innate® potatoes (events J78, J3, H37, H50, G11, E24, E12, F37, F10, J55, V11) designed to produce less acrylamide when cooked and to be less wasteful e.g. Innate J3

  • Event specific detection methods for the papaya events 16-0-1 and 18-2-4: QL-EVE-16-0-1RB-F/16-0-1RB-R and QL-EVE-18-2-4RB-F/18-2-4RB-R

  • The GMO OX513A (Aedes aegypti), a mosquito genetically modified for the control of diseases spread by A. aegypti, such as the chikungunya, dengue and Zika virus disease: A. aegypti OX513A

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