Going online

The EUginius team presents the first publicly available online version of its database system. As data entry is currently on-going, we would like to apologize for any potentially incomplete information status for certain entities. The EUginius team would therefore like to encourage the users to participate in the continuous improvement of this web site. Please feel free to contact our team via databasemanager@euginius.eu

More News

2021-06-23 New Update, Version 1.9.1 is now live!
2021-02-09 Genetic Elements Thesaurus in open access publication!
2020-04-23 Release 1.8.2 / New GMOs entered
2020-02-24 New GMM detection methods entered
2019-08-30 EUginius 1.8
2019-04-24 First genome-edited plants now entered (April 2019)
2018-05-18 New GMOs and detection methods entered
2017-11-30 Release 1.7.5 / New GMOs and detection methods
2017-01-20 New GMOs and detection methods entered
2016-01-22 New GMOs entered
2015-06-14 Release 1.6.2
2014-07-14 New Release
2014-06-10 Pilot phase