New Update, Version 1.10.0 is now live!

We are happy to inform you that EUginius version 1.10.0 is now online.

Beside bug fixes and significant improvements on the backend, the latest update was essentially dedicated to the EU-authorisation search and search results:

  • The new custom search combines different filters when looking for the EU-authorisation status of a specific GMO or group of GMOs . It combines two of the old searches in order to extend the possibilities and simplify the access to the information.

  • The free text search for application was extended.

  • The display of the results has been improved. Depending on your interest, it allows you to see all the application(s) related to a GMO over the years or to concentrate on the application(s) currently in force or progress.

Please take a look at the Custom search and let us know what you think!

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