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Generate a verification matrix that shows the ability of the selected methods to detect specific GMOs.

The ability of detection is verified experimentally using reference material (+/-3), by sequence alignment (in silico) (+/-2) or theoretically according to available information (from application documents, publications, etc.) about potential presence/absence of targets (+/-1).

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Screening:set restricted to methods for GMO screening (methods for the detection of elements and constructs).

ABC: set of ring-trial validated screening methods (national or ISO standard) methods that is constantly checked and adjusted by the German National Reference Laboratory (NRL) in collaboration with the national network of GMO laboratories (Waiblinger et al. 2010. Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 396: 2065-2072).

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selecting more than one target broadens your results

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    Combining GMOs and species broadens your results

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