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GMO selection

This search tool can be used to create a table showing data that indicate the specificity of a selected set of PCR methods. The table thereby summarizes the ability of the selected PCR methods to detect GMOs. Specifications for this method set are constantly maintained. This is pursued either experimentally using reference materials or theoretically (in silico) according to available information (publications, plasmid map or sequence).

Searchable method sets are:

  • ALL is the default setting that does not restrict the set of methods used for your search. It can be used with unrestricted filter criteria (default setting) or it may be combined with filter criteria for detection methods or filter criteria for GMOs to further restrict the complete set of methods.
  • SCREENING indicates that the set of methods used in the search and in the filter options is restricted to methods designed to detect GMOs (genetic elements, constructs).
  • ABC further limits the set of methods as it selects a specific set of screening methods. The specificity of the “ABC” set of methods is constantly checked and adjusted by the German NRL in collaboration with the national network of GMO laboratories. Only real-time PCR methods are applied for this practical screening approach to distinguish between EU-authorised and unauthorised GM plants (Waiblinger et al. 2010. Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 396: 2065-2072).

By entering specific filter criteria, the user can restrict the search in the following way:

  • If the method set ALL is used and specific method, target (events, constructs, elements, species) or validation and standardisation criteria are selected, the output of the search is restricted to these criteria.
  • If the method sets called SCREENING or ABC are used and specific methods are also selected, the output of the search tabulates all methods of the set plus the selected methods.
  • However, by using the SCREENING or ABC set and the other filter criteria (validation, standardisation, targets), the output of the search is again restricted to the users selection.

In addition to the filter criteria for detection methods described above you may further specify the search using filter criteria for GMOs: By choosing one or more species, GMOs or levels of authorisation the list of methods can be reduced to methods only used for those GMOs.

Filter criteria for detection methods

  • Method set:

  • Validation:

  • Standardisation:

  • Method:

  • Method type:

  • Target event:

  • Target construct:

  • Target species:

  • Target element:

Filter criteria for GMOs

  • Species:

  • GMO:

  • Authorisation:

    • food

      FOOD approved imageFOOD approved with restrictions or phasing out imageFOOD not approved image
    • feed

      FEED approved imageFEED approved with restrictions or phasing out imageFEED not approved image
    • cultivation

      CULTIVATION approved imageCULTIVATION approved with restrictions or phasing out imageCULTIVATION not approved image
    • other uses

      OTHER_USES approved imageOTHER_USES approved with restrictions or phasing out imageOTHER_USES not approved image
  • Exclude stacked events: