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  • Alias:

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  • Tradename:

  • Company:

  • Developer:

    Technoplant Argentina
  • Species:

    Solanum tuberosum
  • Traits:

      Pest/Disease resistance > Plant virus resistance > Potato virus Y resistance

Genetic Element Information

  • Name:

    coding sequence > CS-viral coat protein > CS-cp-PVY
  • Synonyms:

  • Accession No.:

  • Donor:

    Potato virus Y
  • Function:

    confers resistance to Potato virus Y (PVY) through "pathogen-derived resistance" mechanism. Lawson et al. (1990). Biotechnology, 8, 127-134
  • Definition:

    Coat protein gene from PVY including the complete 3' UTR . Lawson et al. (1990). Biotechnology, 8, 127-134
  • Modified Trait:

    Potato virus Y resistance
  • Comment:

    fragment comprising positions 113-201 of the PVYgRNA including part of the gRNA 5' non-coding region, the AUG codon of the viral polyprotein and the first 5 codons of the P1 protein (CP-PVY sequence)

Sequences containing this Genetic Element

Element Acc.No. Derived from Reference Sequence Size (bp)
CS-cp-PVY insert only scientific journal No