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  • GMO:

    A1-DFR Petunias
  • Alias:

    African Sunset, A1 GM petunia, Bonnie Orange, dfr GM Petunias, GM petunia containing dihydroflavonol-4-reductase gene from maize
  • UID:

  • Tradename:

  • Company:

    Weshoff Vertriebsgesellschaft
  • Developer:

  • Species:

    Petunia hybrida
  • Traits:

      Composition alteration > Colour modification

      Selection markers and reporter genes > Kanamycin/neomycin resistance

  • EU authorisation:

    not approvednot approvednot approvednot approved

Your Search criteria is: ( GMO: A1-DFR Petunias ) AND ( Species: Petunia hybrida )

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